04León, Mexico
Mariel Delal, 26
Founder & Designer of Mariel Delal and HAUTO_ 

As founder and designer of two brands, Delal is learning to strike the balance between creation and business. The brand Mariel Delal, a made-to-order seasonless capsule, and HAUTO_, a genderless streetwear brand (co-founded with Isaac Zeuqram), both collaborate with Mexican artisans to source and craft their materials.  March 01, 2021

Interview by Joanna Nishimoto
Cover design by Marina Yagi
Cover image by Juan Alejandro River, Chuy, Christian Zermeño

“Slow fashion means we do not conform to the current fast-paced fashion world that we have right now...It is definitely different designing without this external pressure. Every piece we make is crafted with much more care by people that do enjoy the work that they do.”

Images Courtesy of Juan Alejandro River, Mariel Delal, Weronika Güreli, and Christian Zermeño
 Top to bottom: Mariel Delal’s Proyecto Linaje lookbook, Mariel Delal’s Proyecto Linaje final lineup, Paco handcutting leather at his workshop, HAUTO_ editorial 1, HAUTO_ editorial 2, HAUTO_ KVAR scrunchie & TRI bracelet