07New York, USA
Hua Lu, 30
Founder & Designer of unir

Inspired by her upbringing in China and current life in New York City, Hua Lu of unir is materializing her dreams through her wabi-sabi knitwear collections, which reflect the organic, yet beautiful, flaws and imbalances of nature.
May 06, 2021

Interview by Joanna Nishimoto
Cover design by Marina Yagi
Cover image by Ryan James Caruthers

“I think that ultra-luxury to me is human craftsmanship and the techniques that have been refined over hundreds, if not thousands, of years. However, I also don’t do everything by hand. I believe that utilizing modern machinery is part of modern craftsmanship.”


Images 1-4
Photographer: Ryan James Caruthers
Stylist: Shawn Lakin
Set & Prop: Jon Anthony
Hair & Makeup: Homa Safar
Model: Sunnnaya Nash

Images 5-6
Photographer: Omi Tanaka
Hair & makeup: RITSUKO HOTAKA
Model: Öykü Baştaş